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The Little Homie is a destination for the next generation of hip-hop enthusiasts. We are here to make learning cool for both biggies and smalls. We are obsessed with creating fresh merchandise for your little superstar, giving them the ultimate street cred before they even take their first step into the big bad world. "Whilst pregnant, the thought of becoming a parent frightened me a hell of a lot. I didn’t want to leave the life I knew behind me, and lose myself in the process. This was the catalyst I needed to create something that I could better connect with my daughter with, by combining my new family with my love of hip-hop. This is how it all began, I am a first-time mum and I understand the struggle. The brand is something that I have wanted to build for years. I am obsessed with hip-hop. Whenever our friends and family had a child, I found I wanted to give them something that reflected me whilst being a gift I knew they would be just as excited about as I was. I wanted to create something that set itself apart from the usual pink and blue explosion that you find at your local baby store"