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Holiday Gift Guide for the New Mom in Your Life

21 Nov, 2017

New mom in your life? Whether it's your best friend or your wife, having a baby changes everything and picking a gift during this transitional time can be difficult. I'm here to save the day with my picks for treating her to a holiday gift she will love! Read more

The Working Mom Balancing Act

15 Nov, 2017

Going back to work after a new child is born can seem like juggling a ton of responsibilities, in too little time. Jersey City Mom Alyssa Birkhofer shares her personal experience and words of wisdom having just made the transition from maternity leave back to the office. Read more

Why Getting Children Outdoors is So Important

13 Nov, 2017

As the temperatures start to drop, it's hard to even think of leaving the house. But Rebekah Rae, author of the blog "Brothaholic" makes the argument that getting kids outdoors is incredibly important. Even in the winter months! Read more