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Eliminate the Itch: Tick Tock Organic Insect Repellent Safe for Kids

17 Jul, 2018

Can't beat that Summer bug bite itch? Hazel Baby & Kids found a family-friendly product you need to try. Read more

Creating Your Baby Registry? What I Wish I Had Known

10 Jul, 2018

Creating the perfect baby registry can send any expecting parent into a dark hole of online reviews, price comparisons, and pinterest boards. New mom Alyssa Birkhofer offers words of advice to those thinking about their baby registry, now that she's been immersed in baby products for over a year. Read more

How About That Heat Wave?

02 Jul, 2018

As if the heat wasn't hard enough on us parents, this week's heat wave poses many challenges when it comes to managing the kids. From clothing to splash pads, we look at the best ways to get through sizzling days like these. Read more