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I was inspired by my kids, as many parents are, and motivated by my own enlightenment about toxins. When my youngest son became interested in playing with my keys, I searched for non-toxic toy keys, but I never found anything that satisfied him (or me).   In my own “green evolution,” I found that I felt most comfortable with stainless steel for water bottles, sippy cups, food storage containers, etc.  It made sense to me that metal toy keys, that my son was likely going to put into his mouth, should be non-toxic stainless steel.

And thus, the concept for Kleynimals was born.

At heart, I am truly an idealist.  I do not run my company in the way that I probably should… looking at the bottom line.  Instead, I truly follow my heart and my personal moral compass to bring the best quality, most trust worthy products to you and your families in a way that positively impacts our environment, the American economy and individuals.