Kata Golda

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My studio, the home of Kata Golda, is nestled snugly in the small, mossy seaside town of Port Townsend, Washington. Much of the inspiration for my work comes from the subtle details in the natural world, where nothing is straight and nothing is perfect. I try to begin each day with a walk in the woods or time digging in the garden. By midmorning my mind is fresh and full of ideas and I’m ready to spend the day creating. I have a hard time sitting still. The flow of my day shifts between the repetitive production of filling orders, scheming and sketching new ideas for my line, and stitching something simply for pleasure. This rhythm is punctuated by domestic arts as I love cooking, mending, and keeping a tidy and organized space. I use these rituals as a way to clear my head, structure my day, and focus my craft. I almost always have a hand-bound journal and sharp pencil within reach. It is a practice that I started over twenty years ago to make space for my artistic, wandering ideas while keeping my methodical mind at peace.