Alyssa Birkhofer - 10 / Oct / 2018

What's In Your Bag?

What's In Your Bag?

Today is National Handbag Day! We all agree that handbags are the best accessory, but they also hold some of our most important items. Jersey City mom Alyssa Birkhofer gives us a look inside her bag and shows us her mom must-haves.

Hey Jersey City moms – what’s in your bag? Today is National Handbag Day (yes, it’s true) and we’re celebrating.  Bags not only show our personal style but hold some of the most important items we carry with us on a daily basis.  Whether an over sized tote or small clutch, us moms are always prepared with what’s in our bag.

Jersey City mom Alyssa Birkhofer shares some of her mom essentials inside her bag every day:

  • PATH card: Whether going to work, or meeting a friend in the city, you can’t leave home without it!
  • Phone charger: There’s nothing worse than your phone running out of battery while on the go. I learned my lesson when food shopping the other night. My phone was about to die and my shopping list was on it. Insert overtired mother reciting her shopping list out loud in the store in effort to memorize it!
  • Travel hair brush: Must always look our best. Or at least try to.
  • Dryer sheet: Sounds weird, I know, but did you know that dryer sheets are the key to eliminating static? After a hectic morning of daycare drop off and getting into the office on time, who needs a cute top clinging to you?
  • Toddler snack bar: For those on-the-go meltdowns… enough said.
  • Tissues: Mostly for the little one, those runny noses are starting already!

Of course there’s usually way more to toss in the bag for each trip.  Handbags keep us ready and stylish.  Eyeing a new bag for the season? What better reason to go for it than Handbag Day!

Let us know what’s in your bag!

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