Lindsay Donnelly - 11 / Aug / 2017

What We're Loving: Babo Botanicals Sunscreen

What We're Loving: Babo Botanicals Sunscreen

Babo Botanicals Sunscreen is the product we are loving right now!

Sunscreen has been a hot topic on the parenting circuit this year. There are a lot of questions flying around about what’s actually in your typical sunscreen. And is it safe for your kids?

This brand is the one Donovan Cain, Hazel Baby owner, uses personally for himself and his allergy-prone son, Landon. “We use the face stick that’s 50 SPF as a base. And then they have a spray product that’s really quick,” Donovan said. “It’s also not chalky. It rubs in easily.”

It’s ranked very highly by the EWG and was designed by a botanist mother who had previously worked on product development for big brands like L’oreal. Their mission is to use the most natural pure ingredients.

The face stick is $16 and you’ll love being able to just throw it in your bag and go. There are still many bright sunny days ahead of us, so don't finish summer without it! Come check it out in the store, or buy online here.

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