Hazel Baby & Kids - 05 / Dec / 2022

What do teachers really want for Christmas?

What do teachers really want for Christmas?

Stuck on what to gift your child's educator this holiday season?

When it comes to any gift-giving holiday, shopping for a beloved educator presents a question over and over: How can you know what gifts teachers really want?


Of course – as with anything, you can Google it. “Gift ideas for Teachers” will bring you over 603 BILLION results in just half a second! The consensus? They have enough mugs!


So this year, in an effort to reduce waste and unwanted clutter and give a gift that won’t be collecting dust in a cabinet for years to come, we thought we’d try something a bit out of the box with our child’s teacher.


We gave the teacher a pop quiz. 


Just kidding … sort of!


Enter the teacher questionnaire. The teacher questionnaire is a list of questions you can give to your child’s educator at the start of the holiday season to better understand their likes, dislikes, allergies, or needs for the classroom. This will only take a few minutes to fill out and makes gift-giving SO much easier! Once complete, you can use the insight from the questionnaire to better find a gift your teacher will LOVE. A+! Also, this is one pop quiz it's okay to share the answers to - don't forget to share with the class - the more the merrier! 


Download your FREE printable PDF here - and let us know if you give it a try! 


Happy Holidays!


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