Hazel Baby & Kids - 30 / Jun / 2021

Urban Plant Hunt #2: Enos Jones Park

Urban Plant Hunt #2: Enos Jones Park

The 2nd in our 'Urban Plant Hunt' Series: Explore Enos Jones Park & look for these three native plants!

Local artist Deirdre Newman is a local legend.

She created an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing nature peeking through our concrete jungle with her series, Urban Plant Hunt.

& now we're bringing her idea to your family with these fun & easy field notes activities!


How to participate:

1) Follow along each month as we release a new set of plants to look for in one of our gorgeous parks. We'll post right here on our blog as well as social media channels. Sign up for our emails to be notified when the blog goes up!


2) Print out the PDF of our Urban Plant Hunt Explorer's Field Notes and bring with you on your hunt. Your child will have so much fun making a check mark when they've located a plant. There's space for them to write their own notes about what they saw and draw their own picture.


3) Take pictures along the way and share them with us on Instagram or Facebook


4) Bring in your child's completed Field Notes to one of our shops and your child will get their very own $10 gift card to Hazel! We are located at 199 Montgomery Street & 17 McWilliams Place in Jersey City, NJ.


Click here to download our field notes for Enos Jones Park & enjoy the exploration!

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