Ashley Blossom - 13 / May / 2020

Pregnant in a Global Pandemic

Pregnant in a Global Pandemic

Being pregnant is hard. Being pregnant during a pandemic is harder. One mother who gave birth in NYC during this crisis shares an open letter to other expectant women.

I certainly didn’t plan it this way.  Of course I thought I’d be enjoying the last bit of my pregnancy in classes with my toddler, drinking mocktails at play dates and eating tacos with my husband on the patio of our favorite local spot.


Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be housebound for weeks leading up to the birth of my son all because of an unstoppable menace invisible to the human eye. 


Never did I expect to show up to doctor’s appointments alone while my husband waited in the car missing out on the sound of his healthy son’s heartbeat. 


I would have never imagined that I would labor and give birth in NYC during the apex of the global pandemic while wearing a mask. 


But I did it.  We did it. 

And you can too.


Letter to a pregnant woman during covi19


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