Hazel Baby & Kids - 26 / Sep / 2018

Love Notes to Our Children

Love Notes to Our Children

It's Love Note Day! Let's take the time to tell our children how much they mean to us.

February isn’t the only time of year we should be thinking about expressing our love. Did you know today is National Love Note Day?  What better time to think about writing to our little ones whose love makes our hearts burst!  While love notes can take many forms – Instagram, text message, and email – let’s share our love to our kids the old-fashioned way.  By writing traditional love notes on cards or paper, we can save and even look back many years later.

We challenge you parents today to write something down and express your love to your kids.  Maybe it’s the way they laugh, play, get a kick out of the smallest thing.  Or even the way they cuddle into your arms when getting sleepy.  These anecdotes will truly capture a moment in time between you and you child(ren).

You can capture notes like these annually in a formal format for life milestones too. Hazel carries the Compendium – Letters to You book for just that purpose.  Or pick out a beautiful blank card, or a plain piece of notebook paper from your desk.  Even a short note that you hide in their lunch box to read unexpectedly at school will bring an extra smile. On National Love Note Day, it’s all about the words.

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