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Find The Unique: Wool in The Woods

Find The Unique: Wool in The Woods

Get to know locally-based brand Wool in The Woods. One post in our series of interviews with the talented neighbors in our town who provide many of our beautiful products.

This interview is the first in a series of interviews titled "Find the Unique: Locally Based Brands We Carry." Read on and get to know the people, vision, and stories behind the products on our shelves! ...And learn how you are supporting a neighbor's dream when you choose to shop small.
Founder Name: Kate Woods
Name of business/product: Wool in The Woods
Items carried at Hazel: Wave Baby Blanket in Merino Silk Blend

1. What inspired you to start your business? My husband and I own a market research consultancy and we spent a lot of time in airports and planes.  I took up knitting to combat the stress and boredom of travel.  Baby products are easy to take with you on flights because they are so small.  Also, it’s super fun to give them as gifts.  Moms always love getting personal, handmade items when they have just had a baby.  I had exhausted all my new-mom friends and I thought it would be fun to develop my own brand, having spent my entire career telling clients what to do about theirs...  Wool in the Woods was born out of that.

2. Where is your business located? Paulus Hook in Downtown Jersey City

3. What do you love about Jersey City? It's proximity to Manhattan and a good international airport since we spend so much of our time on the road. We love our brownstone's character!

4. What makes your product unique? Everything is handmade and one of a kind.  I only knit with the finest natural fibers.

5. What age child is perfect for your product? For the wave blanket -- newborn to 1 year old.  I make products for all age ranges, though.

6. What do customers tend to like about your product? That each product is handmade and unique.

7. Favorite local family activity? I love Liberty State Park.  I think we are so lucky to have something like that so close..

8. What can customers expect from your brand in the future? We spend part of the year each year in England so I get to shop some of the interesting local fibers available here and take classes learning traditional knitting techniques so you can expect more of that influence in my work in the future. 


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