Alyssa Birkhofer - 25 / Jul / 2018

Let’s Hear it for the Aunts and Uncles

Let’s Hear it for the Aunts and Uncles

Today is National Aunt and Uncle Day! Aunts and uncles are incredibly special to little kids and we want to thank them for their endless love and energy.

About the author: Alyssa Birkhofer is a mom to her 1-year-old Cameron, dog mom to her mini goldendoodle Molly, and long time resident of Hoboken/Jersey City. She’s a healthcare public relations specialist in NYC by day, gym rat by night, and a forever Huskies fan/UCONN graduate. Follow Alyssa on IG: @AlyssaBleiHoff


Did you know that today is National Aunt and Uncle Day? Let’s face it – aunts and uncles are simply the best. Before I was a mom, I was an aunt and I took (and still take) that job very seriously.  Without kids of my own, I could focus entirely on what my niece and nephew did at school every day, what new outfit they needed, and scouted the scene for THE best new products there were, and let’s not forget to mention at price points I’d never spend now on my own child. Tired and need another hand? Just call up the aunt! Want to have THE best day? Just tell your mom to call your uncle!

We asked some kids of Jersey City what they love about their aunts and uncles and here’s what they had to say:


“I love my aunts because they are cute.” Harry, age 5

“They play with me and give me treats.” Nolan, age 4

“I love to go swimming with my uncle.” Kennedy, age 3

“My aunt is my best friend.” Jack, age 6 and Stella, age 3 (brother and sister)


Aunts and uncles are fully devoted relatives. They have the energy and investment that can’t go unnoticed. Being an aunt or uncle can be a thankless job sometimes and we want to say thank you to those aunts and uncles out there! You are truly special.

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