How to Host a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

How to Host a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving can be chaotic, especially with kids running around. We gathered some of our favorite and festive ways to keep the little ones entertained this upcoming holiday. Time to plan ahead!

As we start to think about our upcoming Thanksgiving menus or travel plans, having a kid-friendly holiday will be crucial.  We want our kids to eat, sit patiently, and have fun with cousins and grandparents, but that’s not always an easy task if not thought through.  We gathered some of our favorite ideas to ensure a smooth and fun Thanksgiving for little ones!  Time to start planning ahead…

Keep them busy:

  • Coloring place mats: It’s so easy to find a printout online or to make your own and photo copy for the group. All you need is crayons and your kids will enjoy decorating their own place mat while you finish the turkey.
  • Turkey feather hunt: A Thanksgiving play on the Easter egg hunt, you can purchase an inexpensive bag of colorful feathers and hide them around the house. Remember not to hide them in the kitchen if you want to take advantage of this time while kids are on the hunt.
  • Thankful Tree: Cut out a few fall leaves out of construction paper and ask folks to write down what they are thankful for this year. Then have the kids glue the leaves onto a tree cut out too. This will encourage everyone to think and talk to one another. 

Keep them full:

  • Turkey-shaped sandwiches: Why is everything always better as a sandwich? Well then go for it and stuff the Thanksgiving items you think your little one will like between the bread. Even better, cut the sandwich into a circle and decorate with apple slices as feathers on top and cheese sticks or veggies to make turkey legs and feet.
  • Mashed potato cakes: We all know finger foods are a hit, so turn your mashed potatoes into one. Registered dietitian and mom Katie Serbinksi of Mom to Mom Nutrition has a great recipe for mashed potato cakes and lets you sneak in some veggies too!
  • Apple Pie Bites: Also bite sized, this finger food approach to Thanksgiving dessert is easy, delicious and the little ones can help you make them. We all know crescent roll dough can be used to make so many things - check out the recipe from the Blond Cook!


Let us know what other kid-friendly tricks you creative moms have up your sleeves this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for all of you this year.


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