Alyssa Birkhofer - 02 / Jul / 2018

How About That Heat Wave?

How About That Heat Wave?

As if the heat wasn't hard enough on us parents, this week's heat wave poses many challenges when it comes to managing the kids. From clothing to splash pads, we look at the best ways to get through sizzling days like these.

Well, summer is officially here and hitting us with a heat wave to kick things off. It’s weeks like this when we all tend to regret wishing for summer so soon. What can we wear to work that’s appropriate without looking sweaty upon arrival? How high will my utility bill be from all this AC? And even when it’s set at 65 degrees, sleep can still be so difficult.  Cook dinner? Heck no – I will not turn on a stove or oven!

But enough about us adults – let’s talk about the kids!  Getting outdoors is so critical for young ones and we all know it wears them out, which means a good night's sleep.  But how can we even imagine taking our kids out in this type of heat? What will they do all day? Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or drop your little one off at daycare, here are a few tips to survive this week’s heat:

A stroller fan is an absolute must! While bigger kids are likely to rip it off the stroller, take advantage if you're a mom of a newbie and clip it right on. Don’t forget to charge your fan every night this week so it’s doesn’t shut off on you mid-walk.

Dress your baby in loose-fitting clothing.  Same goes for sleeping. Make sure pajamas are short sleeved and all sleep sacks and blankets are light weight.

Keep them hydrated.  Have a full sippy cup out in his or her reach at all times and make sure you have one on the go.  Homemade ice pops made with fresh fruit go a long way here too. 

Splash pads! Jersey City has many of these in its parks including Hamilton Park and Newport Green.  This is a great way to stay cool all day and have fun.  If you know someone with a pool, that’s great too, but remember to keep drinking the water when you get out of the pool to rest. 

Stay cool indoors.  Don’t get all down about an indoor activity in the summer. Staying cool on a week like this feels great no matter where you are.  Hit the mall, take a visit to Liberty Science Center, sign up for a class at Three Little Birds, or join open play at Gymboree. 

Check in with child care. I’m a big believer in communicating with my son’s daycare if I’m worried about anything. Daycare administrators understand your concerns and have your child’s best interest in mind.  Send a note to see if they will be going outside and let them know if you’re worried. Chances are, the daycare centers won’t be overheating your children and will be mindful of the temperature, but put your mind at ease if you need.

Anyone say ice cream?  What better excuse to get some! Whether it be Torico, the new Ample Hills Creamery or Downtown Yogurt, there’s no feeling guilty this week. And some of them even deliver so you don’t even have to leave your air conditioned apartment!

Sleep soundly. The temperature in your baby’s room is the most important one since it’s harder for little ones to regulate their own temperature.  I know my son’s room has the best temperature. So I’ll freeze in the living room with a hoodie on through the evening hours, as long as he’s comfortable. 

Rest assured, the summer will go back to normal soon, but don’t let this week’s heat keep you from enjoying yourself too. So grab some moms and take on this heat wave!

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