Holiday Gift Ideas for a One Year Old

Holiday Gift Ideas for a One Year Old

Gender neutral gifts for a one-year-old (or close to) organized by budget! Under $25, $50, $75, and $100. This is the perfect guide to get the little ones' gift and become their instant favorite person.

Got an adorable little one-year-old on your shopping list this year? Lucky you! Hazel Baby has you covered with three gift ideas that will have that sweet child calling you their favorite. Not exactly sure how old he or she is now? Don't worry... these gifts are great for ages 10 months - 3 years.

I've organized these gifts by budget, so everyone can find an awesome gift for the right price.

$25 or less

  • The most economical way to keep a one-year-old happy and entertained (besides peek-a-boo) is BUBBLES. I haven't met a child under the age of four who isn't completely fascinated by bubbles. In fact, if you want to be the most popular dad, or mom, or auntie on the block, bring the bubbles to the park on your next play date! Every parent could use more bubble solution, and bubble toys make great, affordable gifts... & long-lasting happiness for the special child! The more automation, the better. I've chosen this awesome bubble/light combo that is just $10. You could throw in a couple of wands ($4 each), throw the best bubble party ever, and still come in under budget. 

under $25 great gift for baby


$50 or less

  • One day as my little one was eating her crayon and I was about to bat it away from her with cat-like reflexes, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if there were edible crayons made from vegetables?" Turns out, I wasn't alone in this thought and a mother out there has made it happen. KUDOS. Wee Can Too is a super cool company that makes crayons, paints, play doh, and side walk chalk all out of vegetables! This is PERFECT for this age when all baby wants to do is put things in their mouth. For under $50 you can get the Grab & Go Finger Paint Set ($30) as well as the Veggie Crayons ($12) for a great gift for the budding (and hungry) artist.

under 50 dollars gift for one year old


$75 budget

  • As soon as baby starts sitting up, crawling, and walking, yoga is a great activity. It's why Mommy & Me yoga classes have become so popular. From basic breathing techniques, to full sun salutations, there's nothing cuter than a one-year-old doing the 'tree pose.' Getting your toddler a yoga mat for the home is an awesome way to make movement and concentration a part of their regular routine at home. As a stay at home mom, I love to pull out both my mat and my daughters for side by side yoga on a rainy day when we are stuck inside. Pair the yoga mat ($66) with the Good Night Yoga story book ($9.99) and you've got an adorable gift that has lasting positive vibes right at $75. Ohhmm....

one year old gift under 75


$100 or less

  • If this toddler's parents have an immaculate nursery and love design, you can really spoil their toddler with this chic rainbow block set from Grimm's for $84. It's made from organic wood and dyes, so your child can chew on it without worry. You see these little rainbows popping up in decor magazines or mommy blogger nurseries because of their elegant design. If luxury is calling your name - there is a truly beautiful set that goes for $188 from Grimm's as well. It's much bigger and more intricate - so choose for a child on the older side of one year. Blocks are the traditional gift around this age to work on motor skills like stacking, etc. and these beautiful designs are great for girls or boys.

holiday gift under 100 for one year old

Luxury gift for one year old


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