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Gardening with Toddlers

Gardening with Toddlers

Gardening can be a wonderful activity to share with your toddler. Not only does it allow you to spend quality time together, but it can also teach your child about responsibility, patience, and the natural world.

Here are some things to keep in mind when introducing your toddler to gardening: 


  1. Choose the Right Plants

When starting a garden with your toddler, it's important to choose plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Some great options include sunflowers, cherry tomatoes, and herbs like basil and mint. These plants are hardy, require minimal maintenance, and are visually appealing to young children.

  1. Involve Your Child in the Planning Process

Before you start planting, involve your toddler in the planning process. Ask them what they'd like to grow and where they think the plants should go. This will help them feel more invested in the project and give them a sense of ownership over the garden.

  1. Let Your Child Get Their Hands Dirty

Toddlers love to explore and play in the dirt, so don't be afraid to let them get messy! Encourage your child to help with planting, watering, and weeding. This will help them develop fine motor skills and learn about the importance of caring for living things.

  1. Use Child-Friendly Tools

To make gardening more fun for your toddler, consider using child-friendly tools like small shovels, gloves, and watering cans. These tools are sized for little hands and will help your child feel more involved in the gardening process.

  1. Make it a Regular Activity

Gardening with your toddler can be a great way to spend time together on a regular basis. Make it a weekly or bi-weekly activity and involve your child in every step of the process. This will help them develop a love for nature and a sense of responsibility for caring for living things.


Gardening with your toddler can be a rewarding and educational experience for both you and your child. By introducing gardening to children at a young age, you can help your child develop a love for nature that will last a lifetime.

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