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Empowering New Moms: Essential Supportive Gifts for the Postpartum Journey

Empowering New Moms: Essential Supportive Gifts for the Postpartum Journey

Welcoming a new baby into the world is, without a doubt, one of life’s most joyful and exciting times! As friends and loved ones, we eagerly anticipate the chance to visit, love on the newborn, and bring gifts to celebrate this momentous new chapter. But amidst the flurry of the much-appreciated baby blankets and cuddly soft toys, it’s important not to overlook the radiant figure at the center of it all – the new mom.

Pregnancy, labor, and the early days of motherhood bring a mix of emotions, challenges, and physical changes. Between sleepless nights and the struggle to make sure baby is feeding, new moms experience a profound shift in daily routine, and navigating the delicate balance between soothing baby and tending to her own well-being is, to put it very simply – quite challenging!


If you are visiting a new mama soon (or even becoming one yourself!) here are some items in our shop that help to offer support during this time:


  1. Glass Cup with Straw: As simple as this may sound, having a glass cup with a straw nearby when you are nap-trapped (aka stuck under a sleeping baby) can be a real lifesaver! After all the new mom has been through to bring the baby into the world, staying hydrated is very important. With clear glass, mama will easily be able to monitor how much liquid is in the cup, and the lid and straw help minimize spills and allow her to take a sip with minimal effort or disturbance to the sleeping baby.


  1. Earth Mama Teas: Whether the goal is to help support breast milk production, decrease milk production, or simply just relax and ease anxiety (for both parents!), Earth Mama has a tea for each one. All of these teas are organic, non-GMO, caffeine-free, and packed with holistic, nourishing, delicious ingredients. Bonus points if you make a cup for the new mama and help to make sure she gets to drink it while it’s still warm!


  1. Golden Milk Powder: There’s a reason they call this powder golden! This super mix helps reduce inflammation naturally, supports mood and reduces stress, helps unclog breast milk ducts, and supports breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. Packed full of all organic ingredients such as dates, ginger, turmeric, ashwagandha, and cinnamon – it also tastes delicious!


  1. Organic Nipple Butter: Breastfeeding mamas might experience discomfort, dry skin, and sensitivity, and oftentimes, it can be one of those things that you don’t know until you know – so this is a great one to have on hand. Nipple butter can be used to create a protective barrier to prevent the skin from becoming dry and cracking, and it also provides soothing relief by moisturizing and calming irritated skin - helping mothers continue breastfeeding with more comfort. Made from all-natural ingredients, this product is safe for both mother and baby.


  1. Sitz Bath Pads: Organic Herbal Sitz Bath helps pregnant and postpartum mamas take care “down there.” Each box contains six individual easy-to-use sachets filled with a unique blend of organic herbs to help reduce swelling and speed healing of pre-and-postnatal perineal discomfort. Mama can brew and cool and use as a sitz bath or to make postpartum padsicles. After brewing, recycle the sachets by placing in fridge, to use as cooling compress for sore lady parts.


  1. Stroller Warmmuffs: In those early months, simply making it out of the house and taking a walk around the neighborhood can be a huge mood-booster for a new mama. The fresh air truly does wonders (for both mama and baby), and in the winter months, it is so easy to be hyper-focused on making sure baby is warm enough that a mother’s own comfort will likely fall to the wayside. Enter stroller warmmuffs! These super warm muffs conveniently attach to any stroller and can be adjusted for both mom and dad. These also have a water-repellent outer shell and are machine washable.


  1. Greeting Card: A heartfelt note expressing your love, admiration, and encouragement can be just as impactful – if not more – than any physical gift. Simply letting the new mom know that she is seen, appreciated, and supported during this transformative time is so important and will always be greatly appreciated.


And, as always, if you are looking for a gift that’s not on this list, you can always stop into our flagship store at 199 Montgomery Street in Jersey City, NJ. No time to stop in? Send us a text! 201-369-1999. Our store associates will be thrilled to help make custom recommendations for your needs – and we always offer same-day delivery in Jersey City! Hope to see you soon!

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