Drew River of Lettuce Get Fit - 19 / Sep / 2021

Vegan Apple Cider Donut Bread Recipe

Vegan Apple Cider Donut Bread Recipe

Enjoy making & eating this healthier vegan version of the classic Apple Cider Donut with your little one as a side-by-side fall activity!

We are very fortunate to have an amazing talent working with us at Hazel Baby Store! That's one of the co-founders of health & wellness company Lettuce Get Fit, Drew.


When Drew's not helping to curate our baby collections at the shop, she's busy making delicious new vegan recipes from scratch and posting on the company's blog. 


In honor of the fall season, and all things Apples, Drew created this recipe just for the Hazel Baby community! We love that it's completely Vegan, making it safe for our friends with dairy allergies. Specifically, this recipe is simple and a great one to try at home with your child as a helper.


Of course, remember safety standards as this does involve a hot oven. That part's just for grown-ups!


Scroll below for the recipe, and if you're anything like us and love the feel of a recipe on paper... you can print and download a version from the link below.


Enjoy and tag us @hazelbabystore and @lettuceget_fit  when you try out this delicious vegan treat with your family!


Download and print a PDF of this recipe here: https://cdn.shoplightspeed.com/shops/605002/files/37405876/apple-cider-donut-bread.pdf


Apple Cider Donut Bread Healthy Fall Baking With Kids

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