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An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day

Nothing says fall quite like apples. Picking your own apples at a local u-pick apple orchard is a great family activity and great way to support local businesses and shop small. By having your children participate and pick out their own food items from the orchard, trying new healthy foods quickly becomes an exciting, memorable experience.  Apple picking is easy enough for the little ones (although they may need a boost up to pick the high ones!) but also still fun and enjoyable for older kids – and adults!

Benefits of Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We’ve all heard this saying by now, right? While they may not be a cure all, it is true that apples have many health benefits. In addition to being a delicious treat for all ages, apples are excellent sources of fiber and vitamin C – and an apple a day has been linked to a 28% decreased risk of type 2 diabetes! This is a treat you can feel good about eating and feeding to your whole family.


A few things to consider before you go apple picking

Before you head to the orchards, it’s a great idea to check out the orchard’s website, Facebook page, or other social media channels to see which apples are currently in season. By knowing what is ripe in your area, and thinking about how you will use it, you can make a plan on what to pick – and how much. Social media channels may also give you an idea on when school tours and events are happening, so if you would prefer to visit on a less busy day, you can adjust your plan accordingly. We also like to check in advance to see if there are any admission fees, the price per pound of apples, what else may be available in the farm store, and whether they accept credit cards or prefer cash.


What to pack for apple picking with kids

While you really don’t need much – we know all too well how important it is to come prepared! If the orchard is a bit of a long drive, we bring toys, entertainment, water, and lots of snacks! Depending on the weather, you may need layers, sunscreen, bug spray, a raincoat, boots, or a jacket. You just never know with kids – so a change of clothes to keep in the car is never a bad idea either. Having some cash or spare change on hand often comes in handy if the orchard has any events, rides, or extra activities.


A few of our favorite local orchards:

  1. Alstede Farms – Chester, NJ
  2. Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard – North Salem, NY
  3. Lawrence Farms Orchards – Newburgh, NY
  4. Och’s Orchard – Warwick, NY
  5. Stuart’s Farm – Granite Springs, NY


We hope you all have the chance to enjoy a beautiful fall weekend at the orchard with your family.

And as always – tag us in your photos! We love seeing all of your adorable little ones dressed up in their fall outfits!


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