River St. Studio - 29 / Apr / 2020

A Delightful Curation by River St. Studio

A Delightful Curation by River St. Studio

River St. Studio specializes. in interior Design for growing families. In an urban setting, where square-footage is limited, make the most of your space through thoughtful, sustainably-minded interior selections, and built-ins to maximize function and utility.<br />

Embrace where you are, or share your hometown someone you hope can visit soon. 

minimalist toy and urban nursery

nursery collab interior design

Make bath time like a day at the beach with toys and--why not?--a costume change. 

bathing suits for toddlers

bath supplies organic for kids

Make the living room a destination! Whether you're dressing up for a themed lunch on the floor, or making popcorn in your tipi for movie night, transform the ordinary into something more special. 


teepee for toddlers

toddler feeding supplies


Let the new mother in your life know you're thinking of them, even if from afar. No time like the present to remind them they are special and loved! 

gift for a new mom teething necklace

gift for a new mom oh baby card


Whether you have a first responder at home, or an ill relation, or a child who has been particularly affected by social distancing from their favorite family member, we could all use a little extra comfort and understanding these days.   

soft and cuddly baby blanket doctor kit

minimalist design nursery


Pirate? Prince? Explorer? Vet? You decide. 

imaginative play dress up toys puppets

pirate fairy costume pretend

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